How tall are the trees and shrubs ?

The trees are listed as being 20-40cm. This is because they will be different sizes at different times of the growing season.


Many web sites have many different and conflicting views on this. Generally speaking, the closer you plant the trees the quicker they will fill in and provide a dense thick and tall hedge.

The further apart the trees are planted the longer it takes for a dense hedge to establish as the plants will bush out more rather than put all their effort in to growing upwards. Over time, either method will provide a dense hedge, its all a matter of time.

Generally speaking, spacing of 45cm will suit most trees for a singke row garden hedge.

Growth rate

Growth rates depends on many various factors. Soil type, weather available nutrients etc.

A one year old tree may only grow 8inches in a year whereas a five year old tree can grow two foot a year.

When will I receive my trees ?

Posting days are Monday to Wednesday. Any orders taken after midday on Wednesday will be posted the following Monday. Please refer to the delivery page for more detailed information.

If you have any particular requests, please use the contact link on the home page and let us know.