Cell grown trees and shrubs

Planting Season

Cell grown trees and shrubs can be planted at any time of the year. If planting in the summer months please ensure that the cells and surrounding areas are well watered and do not dry out.

Better Root System

The shape of the cell encourages roots downward where they are naturally air pruned, this prevents the cell becoming root bound as they do in pots. When the primary root system is air pruned a secondary root system is encouraged which gives a better developed root system allowing the plant to establish and grow quicker.


Cells can be kept wrapped in their protective film for a couple of weeks as long as they are well watered out of direct sunlight.

Ease of planting

Cell grown plants were developed in the forestry industry where a large number of plants need to be planted quickly.

The uniform shape of the cell ensures that there are no loose roots to be damaged.

Having a small “footprint”, cell grown trees can be planted without the need to dig labour intensive holes in the ground.


Planting Cell Grown Plants

  1. Insert spade vertically, push back and forward slightly,insert again at 90 degrees to the first cut and push back.to create an X in the ground..
    2. Place plant at correct depth in the middle of the X. The top of cell should be 50mm below the level of surrounding ground.
    3. Close ground with boot – taking care not to damage the plant.

Survival Rate

Cell grown trees and shrubs have a higher success rate than bare root. Partly due to them being planted with all of the roots intact and partly because they are planted with all of the soil and fertiliser they are already growing in. This also means that when planted there is no “checking”, that is, the plants continue to grow straight away without the need to spend the first season establishing itself in their new surroundings.